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The Alternative Right, often referred to as Alt Right, has been described by "The Washington Post" as a "nativist right-wing movement".[22] The Alternative Right was also described by Richard Spencer and Tara McCarthy as the New Right in early 2017,[23] but that Term later came to be synonymous with "Alternative Right light".[24] In a "Breitbart"-Article titled "An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right", written by Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos on 29 March 2016, the Alternative Right was described as an Internet-born amorphous Movement that had "become public enemy number one to beltway conservatives", who considered it "little more than a vehicle for the worst dregs of human society: anti-Semites, white supremacists, and other members of the Stormfront set".[2] Alternative-Right-Leader Richard Spencer has said that his "Mantra" is: "Race is real. Race matters. Race is the Foundation of Identity."[25][26] However, in what appears to be a Contradiction, he has also said: "I would say that Race is a Kind of secondary Issue ... It has to flow from something else ... I don't think we should ever be a Movement where we only discuss IQ-Charts or our 23andMe-Account."[27] One Reason the Alternative Right cannot accurately be described as white supremacist is the high Premium it places on IQ, coupled with its Belief that, for Example, Northeastasians score higher on IQ-Tests than Whites.[28][29] The Alternative Right believes that in a subjective Sense, every Race sees itself as superior to all the other Races.[30] According to Tree of Logic and Richard Spencer, there is one black Person in the Alternative Right.[31]


The President of the Southern Poverty-Law-Centre, Richard Cohen, has called Richard Spencer "the Head of the alt Right, the Godfather of the alt Right".[32] During an Interview with Jared Taylor published on 31 January 2018, israeli Journalist and former Knesset-Member Nitzan Horowitz said that some consider Jared Taylor to be "the Father of the alt Right", to which Jared responded that he'd "been talking about the Question of Race and Identity for 27 Years and that's far longer than the Term 'alt Right' has even existed'".[33] "TabletMag" says "[t]he alt-right is the direct heir of the paleoconservatives".[34] Incidentally, "TabletMag" credits Paul Gottfried, who knows Richard Spencer well,[35] with coining the Term "Paleoconservative".[34]

Etymology of the Term "Alternative Right"

The Term "alternative Right" was coined by Richard Spencer when he used it in an Article titled "The Conservative Write", on 6 August 2008, that he wrote for "Taki's Magazine".[10][11] In the very last Sentence of the Article, Richard wrote:

The intellectual bankruptcy of neoconservatism as well as the current stagnation of the movement conservatism should give paleos, traditionalists, and anyone else on the alternative Right some cause for optimism… Or at least, this is what everyone I know in Manhattan is saying.[10]
Paul Gottfried has claimed he invented the Term during a Speech he made in November 2008,[14] but Richard's Article obviously predates Paul's Speech. According to "The New Yorker", Paul did not even use the Term in his Speech, "he used the term 'post-paleo' instead".[36] The Confusion possibly stems from the Fact that in August 2016, someone from the Associated Press called Paul and told him he invented the Term. He responding by asking how he had accomplished that. That was when the Individual told him he used it in his Speech in November 2008.[14] Perhaps the Individual from the Associated Press was confused because Richard published Paul's Speech on "Taki's Magazine" in December 2008 and gave it the Title "The Decline and Rise of the Alternative Right", which may have looked like Proof that Paul had used the Term in November 2008.[36][37]

However, the History of the Term "alternative Right" does go back further than Richard Spencer's Article on 6 August 2008. Richard was asked about this in an Interview with YouTuber Roaming Millennial on 2 May 2017. He explained that the Idea of the alternative Right goes back to an Article written by Paul Gottfried.[38] On Twitter in August 2016, Richard posted a Link to that Article, which is titled "A Paleo Epitaph".[39] Paul wrote in the Beginning of the fourth to last Paragraph:

Even now an alternative is coming into existence as a counterforce to neoconservative dominance. It consists mostly of younger (thirty-something) writers and political activists; and although they are still glaringly under-funded, this rising generation is building bridges on the right.[40]

This is where Richard got his Inspiration for the Term "alternative Right".[41][42] He has explained that when he and others first started using the Term, "it was a lot hazier than it is now".[43] At that Time, the Term was associated more with the Ron-Paul-Movement, Libertarianism and the Anti-War-Movement.[44]

AP does not recognise Term "Alt Right"

The Associated Press's Vice-President for Standards, John Daniszewski, regards the Usage of the Term "alt Right" as a Ruse. John recommends putting "alt Right" in Quotes or using a modifier, as in "the self-described alt Right" or "the so-called Alt Right". He says:

Avoid using the term generically and without definition, however, because it is not well known and the term may exist primarily as a public-relations device to make its supporters' actual beliefs less clear and more acceptable to a broader audience. In the past we have called such beliefs racist, neo-Nazi or white supremacist.[45]

He then goes on to say that one should define the alternative Right using a Phrase such as "an offshoot of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism" or "a white nationalist movement".[45] This is worth noting because the AP is said to standardise the Language used in News.[46]

The following is a YouTube-Livestream-Conversation between D'Marcus Liebowitz and Richard Spencer:[47]

D'Marcus Liebowitz: It [the Term 'Alt Right'] seems to poll the best. I mean, I like 'alt Right' ... better [than other Terms] because it's kind of sneaky. I mean, let's be honest, it's kind of sneaky. It's kind of ... Culture jamming.

Richard Spencer: Yeah, like alternative Music ... It has kind of like a Grunge-Element to it or something. I think that's cool.


Brad Griffin has called Richard Spencer "the William F. Buckley" and "acknowledged leader" of the alternative Right.[4][5] "The Atlantic" calls Richard "an alt-right leader".[48] The President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, has called Richard Spencer "the head of the alt Right, the Godfather of the alt Right".[3] However, Richard Spencer himself agrees with those who call the alternative Right an amorphous Movement.[1][2] Richard Spencer has said: "I am associated with the alt Right ... That being said, I don't that think anything that I say on one Policy-Issue is the definitive Position, that is, you can't disagree with me or something, that would be ridiculous."[49] An Article on "Salon" referred to Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Andrew Anglin as the three most influential People in the alternative Right.[6]


Economic Systems

The term "Helicopter-Rides" appeared in the now-deleted "TRS Lexicon", so it would seem that at least some in the Alt Right are against Communism ("TRS" is short for Mike Enoch's[17] In Chile in the Era of Augusto Pinochet, an Anticommunist who ruled Chile for 17 years, political Opponents were sometimes thrown out of Helicopters to their Deaths.[50] However, Richard Spencer[51] and Nathan Damigo[52] don't have anything against Socialism. On 1 May 2017, Richard tweeted: "Look, Marx was kinda right. Bourgeoisie capitalism (and not the Soviet Union) created an undiferentiated [sic], alienated proletarian mass."[53] Nina Spencer, Richard Spencer's Wife, has used a Picture of Joseph Stalin as her Header-Photo on Twitter.[54] On 22 September 2017, Richard tweeted: "The Poles experienced Communism; they survived as a coherent nation. The nation is what matters, less so the form of the government."[55]

Israel and the Jews

Where all Alt Rightists seem to agree on Israel and the Jews, is that they believe there is a double Standard in that United Statians support a Jewish Israel, whereas they don't explicitly support maintaining an all-white Majority in the US.[56] After that, their Views seem to diverge. Jared Taylor says: "I think that Jewish Americans, there's certainly nothing wrong with their being Jewish and having a Religion that is different from the Majority Christian Religion, so long as they consider themselves Men and Women of the West".[57] Jews are not allowed in the Alt Right-Group Identity Evropa, "even if they have European ancestry".[58] Richard Spencer has said: "Jews are not white, Jews are Jews ... Jews are not European, fundamentally, they have a fundamentally different Consciousness, a Sense of themselves and a different Story".[59] He includes "all three Branches of the Jewish Family, the Mizrahim, the Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews".[60] Richard wants the US to stop giving financial Aid to Israel[61] and thinks "the United States should not be tied to Israel in some religious Way",[62] but he sees Israel as legitimate.[63] Andrew Anglin wants the Jews to be "rounded up and deported to Israel" and wants to cut off financial Aid to Israel, after which he believes they will be exterminated by the Arabs.[64]


Jared Taylor has said that "many, many Studies have demonstrated that Blacks have a lower" average IQ than Whites and Whites a lower average IQ than Northasians.[28]

Race in general

The Alt Right believes that "ideas can shape societies and peoples, but they don't create them".[65] The Alt Right rejects the American Exceptionalism Doctrine, to which Glenn Beck adheres. The American Exceptionalism Doctrine holds that the Constitution and Laws the US have made them exceptional and led to the Immigrant Success Stories that are so often heard.[66][67][65] Glenn has said this: "The stability of the Constitution has made us [the US] exceptional, not the people."[67] The Alt Right rejects both the Notion that "the rules that apply to every country on the planet don't apply to America" and the Notion that "race may matter everywhere from England to China, but not in America".[65] Jared Taylor sees the Alt Right Worldview thus:

Equality is a dangerous Myth. The Alt Right is united in rejecting the current Dogma that all Races are equal. Races are different. They differ in average Levels of Intelligence, they do not build identical Societies and there is no Reason to think Nonwhites can maintain Western Civilisation, the Civilisation that Whites created. And most People prefer the Culture created by their own Race and prefer to be around People like themselves. [68]

This does not mean, however, that the Alt Right believes Whites shouldn't talk to Nonwhites. Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo made a Video titled "Allies of Color", wherein they recommended Alt Rightists have discussions with Nonwhites where they believe they see a Convergence of Interests.[69]

The Ethnostate

Most Alt Rightists envision an Ethnostate, a State in which everyone or, at the very least, nearly everyone will be white. Jared Taylor and Nathan Damigo like the Idea of partitioning the united States into Ethnostates, where People of every Ethnicity would have their own separate Area.[70][71][58] Richard Spencer has said that the Ethnostate he envisions could be "anywhere, it could be on the Moon."[72] In a Speech at the 2013 American Renaissance Conference, he described it this way:

It would be a state for the 21 century—or 22nd: reflecting advances in communication and transportation, it would be a home for Germans, Latins, and Slavs from around the world. On one level, it would be a reconstitution of the Roman Empire. The Ethno-State would be, to borrow the title of a novel by Theodor Herzl (one of the founding fathers of Zionism), an Altneuland—an old, new country.[73]

Richard was once asked if he would allow Tila Tequila in his Ethnostate. He said: "Well, there are always Exceptions, I guess. I'm a generous Guy."[74]

Baked Alaska, who identified as Part of the Alt Right but stopped doing so in or before April 2017,[75] didn't embrace the Ethnostate even when he identified as Part of the Alt Right. This can be seen from a Conversation he had on Twitter with @6th_Extinction_, who was replying[76] to a Tweet of his:

@6th_Extinction_: Do your unpopular ideas include a white ethnostate? If they do, you are literally threatening 35% of the country with being displaced

@bakedalaska: Nope, I'm not for a white ethnostate, never have been.[77]

After Stephen Paddock killed 58 People and himself and injured Hundreds[78][79] in a Shooting in Vegas on 1 October 2017, Richard Spencer said on the Podcast "AltRight Politics" that Stephen was "from a demented, degenerative Bloodline",[80] referring to his Father, who was on the FBI's 10-most-Wanted-List.[79] When asked by Greg Conte: "Would you be for reintroducing Corruption-of-Blood-Laws?", he said: "I think that humane Sterilisation-Laws would be, obviously, a Policy of the Ethnostate".[81]

Vladimir Putin

An Article on by Vincent Law refers to Vladimir Putin as "Alt-Right Leader Vladimir Putin".[82]

Quotes about the Alt Right

Angela Nagle

  • The standard online shtick for politically serious members of the alt-right has been to flirt with Nazism but then to laugh at anyone who took these gestures at face value.[83]

Richard Spencer

Roosh V

  • So really the main Difference between the Alt Right and the Alt Light is what they are willing to say in Public.[84]



Richard Spencer popularised the Word "Cuckservative" around 2012.[85] It comes from the Words "Cuckold" and "Conservative".[86] Richard considers Cuckservatives to be Would-be-Conservatives "whose only identity is comprised of vague, abstract 'values', and who are participating in the displacement of European Americans".[87] In short, a Cuckservative is a Conservative who is submissive, from the Alt Right Perspective.[88]


The Mainstream Media, according to Richard Spencer, is the Lügenpresse, which translates to "lying Press", or more accurately, "Lies-Press".[48]

White Sharia

The White-Sharia-Meme is embraced by many Alt Rightists, while others don't feel entirely comfortable with it because it uses the Term "Sharia", an Islamic Concept.[89] White Sharia involves the Belief that a Woman is "property of one man, allowed continued existence and any degree of freedom only in accordance with his desires", according to an Article posted on "Daily Stormer" by Andrew Auernmeimer.[90]

Pepe the Frog

Pepe the Frog was once considered by the Alt Right to be a satirical modern Incarnation of the egyptian Deity Kek.[91][92][4][66] In November 2016, Richard Spencer said this about Pepe: "The Frog is an Expression of a certain, it's a smug Frog that is an Expression of a -- this is someone who is at least willing to speak the Truth."[93]

In Mid-2017, Matt Furie, the Creator of Pepe the Frog's legal Representatives "sent DMCA takedown notices to 'alt-right'-affiliated sites and figures using the symbol, including white nationalist Richard Spencer’s and the r/The_Donald subreddit", "The Verge" says. Matt's legal Team succeeded in getting Amazon to pull Baked Alaska's Book, "Meme Magic Secrets Revealed", which has Pepe on its front Cover.[94][95]

During a Livestream on 1 February 2018, Richard announced that the Alt Right was "officially done" with Kek-Worship, because he felt Kek-Worship had been "taken by the Kekistanis and ... the soft, just stupid Skeptic-Types".[96]

The Alt Left

According to the Anti-Defamation-League's Mark Pitcavage, the Alt Left does not exist and Use of the Term is an Attempt to draw a Parallel between the Alt Right and Elements on the Left, but "it refers to no actual group or movement or network".[97] Notwithstanding, there appear to be Leftists who identify as Part of the Alt Left[98] and there are Websites that identify as Part of the Alt Left. The first known Use of the Term was August 2016 on the Website[99] "Vanity Fair" says that "There’s a confluence between the alt-right and the alt-left regarding Vladimir Putin". The Article states that both the Alt Left and Alt Right loathe Hillary Clinton and cites presidential Candidate 2016 of the Green Party of the united States, Jill Stein, who, during an Episode of the "Politico"-Podcast "Off Message" in 2016, said: "Hil­la­ry has the Potential to do a whole Lot more Damage, to get us into more Wars".[100][101] There is an Alt-Left-Green-Party-Member, Holly Seeliger, who won the District-2-Seat on Portland, Maine's Board of Public Education in November 2012.[102][103][104] Here is a Twitter-Conversation Holly had with Cassandra Fairbanks:

The alternative Right light, a.k.a. Alt Light, a.k.a. New Right

The Alternative Right light, a.k.a. Alt Light or Alt Lite, is, as one might guess, a moderate Version of the alternative Right, an "Alt Rightification of the Mainstream". The term "Alt Right light" was used by Richard Spencer as early as December 2015 during a youtubed Talk to describe what he thought of Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes.[105] Greg Johnson says the Alt Right light is "defined by civic nationalism".[106] Lucian Wintrich and Mike Cernovich, who the Group Hope not Hate considers Part of the Alt Right light,[107] identify with the Term "New Right".[108][109] "Breitbart News" also describes the Alt Right light as the New Right.[110] Hope not Hate also classifies Lauren Southern and Jack Posobiec as Part of the Alt Right light.[107] Lauren has called the Alt Light "the third Wave of the New Right".[111] YouTuber No Bullsh*t calls it "the New New Right".[112]



On 19 November 2016, at the National Policy Institute's annual Conference in Washington DC, Richard Spencer raised a Glass[113] to toast Donald Trump's 2016 Election Victory as he stood before a Crowd of 200[114] People, exclaiming: "Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!" Many in the Crowd responded with Roman Salutes.[48] Mike Peinovich, a.k.a. Mike Enoch, has claimed he was the first to do a Roman Salute.[6] The Event was Videotaped and received over two Million Views.[48] Richard later posted a Video on stating that he meant it as a Joke and an Expression of Exuberance. He made clear he was making no Apologies for the Roman Salutes of some of the People present, but cautioned that it could be "bad Optics" and added: "There is a Truth to the Notion that, uh, you know, anything that's tainted by Nazism is just a Nonstarter in reaching other People."[115] The Event later came to be referred to as Hailgate.[116][117] Richard claims the Video "reached Tens of Millions of People".[118] Because he used the German Word "Lügenpresse"[119] during the Speech, "The New York Times" claimed he "quoted Nazi propaganda in the original German."[120] "The New York Times" had to make a Correction to that same Article, because it had originally stated that he used the German Word "Heil" rather than the English Equivalent "Hail".[120] Elliot Kline, a.k.a. Eli Mosley,[121][122][123] the former Leader of Identity Evropa,[124][125] has said: "[B]ascially, like, with Hailgate and Trump's Win, it basically catapulted us, you know, into Mainstream-Relevance in a Way".[126]


"Tanya Gersh v. Andrew Anglin"

The "Tanya Gersh v. Andrew Anglin" Lawsuit is the Southern Poverty Law Centre's first Lawsuit against the Alt Right.[127] It was filed on 18 April 2017 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana, Missoula Division by the SPLC on behalf of Tanya Gersh, a Jewish Realtor.[128][129]

Southern Baptist Convention's Resolution against the Alt Right

On 21 June 2017, the Southern Baptist Convention initially declined and then passed, nearly unanimously, a reworded Version of a Resolution, called Resolution 10,[130][131] decrying "every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and denouncing and repudiating "white supremacy and every form of racial and ethnic hatred as of the devil".[132][133] The original Version of the Resolution was put forward by Pastor Dwight McKissic.[131]

Freedom-of-Speech-Rally at Lincoln-Memorial

On 25 June 2017 at Noon,[134] a Freedom of Speech Rally took place at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, whilst a duelling leftist Rally took place nearby, organised by DC United Against Hate, which stated it was there to "oppose racism, Islamophobia and hate".[135][136] Speakers at the Freedom of Speech Rally included James Allsup, Augustus Invictus, Jason Kessler, Baked Alaska, Nathan Damigo, Chris Cantwell, Connor Groce, Irma Hinojosa, Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer.[137] Not all of the Speakers identified as Part of the Alt Right.[138][139] The Event was kicked off by James Allsup, who finished his Speech saying: "President Trump, come back to us, you know, we're the ones who got you elected ... We need to build a Wall, we need to deport the Illegals and we need to make America great again."[140] The second Speaker was Augustus, who spoke about uniting the Right.[141] Toward the End of his Speech, he urged that Communists be thrown from Helicopters: "Get a f***ing Helicopter and throw the f***ing Communists out."[18] Next came Jason, during whose Speech someone could be heard saying: "F*** the Alt Light [Alt Right light]."[142] Richard wrapped up the Event, stating, among other Things: "The most radical Thing you can say is: 'I am white, my Life has meaning.'"[136] Meanwhile, the Alt Right light was holding its own Rally at the White House called the Rally Against Political Violence.[108] According to Jack Smith IV of, the Alt Right Rally had about Double the Attendance of the Alt Right light Rally.[143] The Freedom of Speech Rally was organised by Baltimorean Filmmaker/Photographer and Activist Colton Merwin, then 19 Years of Age. The Anti-Defamation League says Colton is affiliated with the Proud Boys.[144]

Hatreon becomes Funding-Source

In June 2017, a Crowdfunding Site called Hatreon or was launched by Cody Wilson, a self-described "old-School Anarchist". Hatreon quickly became popular with the Alt Right, whose Proponents turned to it for Funding as an Alternative to Patreon or PayPal. By 12 August 2017, Richard Spencer, Adrew Anglin, Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone had signed up and were displayed as featured Creators on the Site.[145][146][147]

Electre disavows the Alt Right

On 19 July 2017, Frenchwoman Electre disavowed the Alt Right:

"Washington Post"-ABC News-Poll-Results

In a 16-20 August 2017 "Washington Post"-ABC News-Poll, 1,014 Adults were polled. One of the Questions was: "Thinking now about the movement known as the alt-right, or alternative right. Would you describe yourself as a supporter or as an opponent of the alt-right movement? Do you support/oppose it strongly, or somewhat?". The Results showed that 10% supported the Alt Right, 50% opposed it and 41% had no Opinion.[148]

Julian Assange criticises Alt Right's Position on Catalonia

On 22 September 2017, Julian Assange criticised the Alt Right's Position on Catalonia on Twitter:


Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter

On 12 February 2018, Alt-Right-Politician Paul Nehlen was banned from Twitter after tweeting a Tweet (shown below) of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reconstructed to look like Cheddarman, an early Briton believed to have black Skin.[149][150] In a Reply to his own Tweet (Reply shown below), he called the Finding that Cheddarman had black Skin "Science", with Quotation-Marks around it. Paul doesn't know if he was banned for this Tweet or a Tweet-String he tweeted out which he says "showed that the entire Porn-Industry is essentially run by the Pharisees".[151]

Richard Spencer and Greg Conte made a Video shortly afterward discussing the Subject of Paul Nehlen's Ban from the Social-Media-Platform. Richard, who says he thinks he "shared a DM" with Paul once,[152] thinks Paul's Strategy was too far outside the Overton-Window to convince Normies to vote for him.[153] Notwithstanding this, Richard said: "He tweeted out something for the LOLs, it was based, no, I don't disavow him".[154]

Kyle Bristow leaves Alt Right

On 3 March 2018, Metro-Detroit-Lawyer Kyle Bristow deleted his Twitter and announced that he was quitting the Alt Right and resigning from his Role as executive Director of the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, following negative Media-Coverage that he didn't think he deserved and he described as "vilification" of him in a Statement on the Organisation's Website,[155][156] Shortly after that, on 21 March 2018, Richard Spencer told Blogger and YouTuber Luke Ford that the Alt Right was "in a dark Place", "passing through a difficult Strecht".[157]

Matt Forney disavows the Alt Right

In the Wake of the Rally Unite the Right 2, Matt Forney released a Statement that he had disavowed the Alt Right, Unite the Right 2 and Jason Kessler, the Rally-Organiser, citing what he considered to be the disastrous Effects of Unite the Right 1 on the "dissident right", such as Banning from online Services and Platforms.[158] Matt had already dissassociated himself from the Alt Right two Months before Unite the Right 1, but had not yet disavowed the Alt Right.[159]

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