From was launched on 16 January 2017, Martin-Luther-King-Day, with the envisaged Goal of being "the new 'Breitbart' and better" and forming "a Media-Empire", except it plans to be "a little Bit more radical" "and vastly more ideological".[1] Richard Spencer, Daniel Friberg, Jason Jorjani, Tor Westman, Henrik Palmgren and William Regnery were originally listed as People welcoming the Public to join on its Journey in an an article titled "WELCOME TO THE ALT RIGHT" on at the Time of its Launching.[2] According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Brad Griffin was going to be the News-Editor for the Site.[3]

"AltRight Politics" has a Podcast called "AltRight Politics", which is hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Conte.[4] Don Camillo, a frequent Guest,[5][4][6][7] describes it as an "imperialist Broadcast".[8]

Matt Forney

On 20 January 2017, Richard Spencer tweeted that Alt-Right-Blogger Matt Forney, who once wrote that Women are "unimportant",[9][10] would "not be participating in":

Nevertheless, Articles by Matt have appeared on[11]


Ban from SoundCloud

On 23 March 2017, Richard tweeted that had been banned from SoundCloud.

Jason Jorjani resigns from AltRight Corporation

In August 2017, Jason Jorjani resigned from AltRight Corporation.[12]


Shut down by GoDaddy

On 3 May 2018,[13] was shut down by GoDaddy after the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, whose President is Kristen Clarke, complained to GoDaddy-CEO Scott Wagner.[14] From the Tweet below, it appears was wanting Actions to be taken to enforce Border-Control on the US' southern Border that did not sit well with People. An Article on titled "Trump Can Enact His MAGA Agenda Anytime He Wants" stated: "[W]e should use live ammunition. Shoot the invaders. Shoot low, but shoot nevertheless. You don’t have to shoot to kill every time, but put those b*****ds on notice".[15]

What says about what


On 20 January 2018, posted a Podcast titled "Bring Back Bullying", but its Contents were not made available to the Public.[16]

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