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Jacob A. Wohl is a Financier, a conservative Commentator and the Editor in Chief of "The Washington Reporter"[1] resident in Los Angeles.[2] Jacob identifies as jewish.[3] According to an Article posted on bloomberg.com on 17 August 2017, he has described himself as "the world’s youngest hedge-fund manager". His Twitter shows a Picture of him with his Father and Donald Trump, who has retweeted him more than once.[4][2][5] Jacob started Montgomery Assets, a Fund that "invests in equity, fixed income and commodity markets using a 'quantamental' approach", "with seed money from a Chinese family office". The SEC has investigated Jacob.[4] The Investigation ended with the Recommendation that no Action be taken. Jacob started a Blog at offendedamerica.com, which now redirects to thewashingtonreporter.com.[6]

What he has said about what

Alex Jones

  • "Without providing one piece of evidence to prove his claims, Alex Jones broke down into tears and screamed 'F*ck Trump' in his tireless effort to defend Russian interests in Syria. Did Alex Jones send one of his reporters to Syria to find evidence to support his extreme position? No."[7]

Bashar al-Assad



Kurt Eichenwald

  • "Kurt Eichenwald was a member of an illegal child porn site".[8]



  • "There's no nuclear Programme in Israel".[9]
  • "Israel is the only shining Light in the Middle-East that stands against Islamofascism".[10]


  • "It’s Time to Mercilessly Bomb Iran".

Nick Fuentes


  • "WikiLeaks is 100 Percent accurate, as far as I can tell."[12]

What Others have said about him

Ben Norton

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