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Jair Messias Bolsonaro (born on the 21st of March 1955)[1] is Brazil's President.[2] He was a federal deputy for the state of Rio de Janeiro, serving his seventh consecutive term,[3] and an Army Reserve captain[1][4] at the time he was elected. Supporters of Jair's sometimes refer to him simply as the captain.[5] His middle name means "messiah".

Background and personal life

Jair was born on the 21st of March 1955 to Percy Geraldo Bolsonaro (25th of December 1927 – 7th of November 1995),[6] a dentist,[7][8] and Olinda Bonturi Bolsonaro[9] (born on the 28th of March 1927)[6] in Glicério, São Paulo, and is the third of their six children, the other five of whom are Angelo Guido, Marie Denise, Solange, Renato,[6] who is an Army Reserve captain,[10] and Vânia.[6] On the 1st of February 1956, Jair's birth was registered in Campinas, this type of thing being very common in those days in the Brazilian interior.[6] Geraldo named his son "Jair" in homage to Brazilian soccer player Jair da Rosa Pinto, whose birthday was also the 21st of March.[11] As he lacked a dental education, Geraldo was jailed by the military dictatorship for illegally practicing his profession, but was cleared in 1975.[12] Olinda, whose parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all Tuscan-born,[6] lives with a daughter in Miracatu.[13][14] Thirteen of Jair's great-great-grandparents were Italians from Tuscany, Calabria and Veneto, two were Germans and one was a Brazilian whose ancestry is as yet unknown. "Bolsonaro" was formerly written "Bolzonaro".[6]

In 2014, Jair claimed that one of his great-grandfathers was a soldier for Hitler under pain of death. "Thank God he lost the war", he then said.[15][16] However, according to sociologist Daniel Taddone, there is no chance that Carl Hintze, Jair's Hamburg-born great-grandfather who collected money from subscribers of the black interest newspaper "O Getulino", or any other relative of Jair's could have been a soldier for Hitler.[6]

Jair attended the Escola Estadual Doutor Jayme Almeida Paiva, an elementary, middle and high school in Eldorado, where Denise and Vânia live up to this day.[17][18] At age eighteen, he entered the Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército (English: Army Cadets Preparatory School) in Campinas, after which he entered the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (English: Black Needles Military Academy) in the state of Rio de Janeiro.[19]

Jair's five children are, from oldest to youngest, Flávio, Carlos, Eduardo, Jair Renan and Laura.[20] The first four are he had in relationships he had before his current marriage, his daughter Laura he had with his current wife Michelle, who had one daughter from a previous marriage, who is around 8 years older than Laura, when she and Jair fell in love.[21][22] Laura was conceived after Jair had had a vasectomy.[22] When he was married to Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle[23] and she was pregnant with Jair Renan, he thought about aborting him, but went along with Cristina's decision to keep him.[24] Jair Renan is a law student.[25] In April 2017, at the Hebraica club in Rio de Janeiro, Jair said: "I have five kids. Four were men, the fifth, I was weak, and a woman came".[26] On another occasion, he said: "There's nothing more wonderful in the world than to have a daughter".[27] In the same speech, he said: "My daughter will be a woman and my sons are men".[28]

Jair is Catholic, Michelle evangelical.[22] He was baptised in the Jordan River by Pastor Everaldo Pereira[29] on the 11th of May 2016.[30] "I'm a Catholic who attended a Baptist church for 10 years", he said in early 2011.[31] She attends the Igreja Batista Atitude, a Baptist church he was invited to and spoke at on the 21st of August 2018.[32]


Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, his would-be assassin

  • What is the difference between attempted homicide and homicide? [...] I don't forgive him, no [uses double negative for emphasis]. If it were up to me, he would rot in prison.
    • Original: "Qual [é] a diferença de [sic] tentativa de homicídio e homicídio? [...] Eu não perdoo ele não. Se depender de mim, mofa na cadeia."[33]
    • Responding to the question: "A Turk named Mehmet Ali Ağca stabbed pope John Paul II. The pope made some time, went over to the prison and, like a good Christian, forgave him. Would you forgive the psychopath that stabbed you? [Mehmet shot the pope, he didn't stab him. Jair mentioned this in his response.]" (Original: "Um turco chamado Mehmet Ali Ağca esfaqueou o papa Jão Paulo II. O papa deu um tempo, foi lá na cadeia e como bom cristão perdoou ele. O sehnor perdoaria esse psicopata que esfaqueou o sehnor?")[34]


  • The Amazon-Jungle is not ours and it is with much Sadness that I say this, but it is a Reality and we have a Way to explore that Region in Partnerships.
    • A Amazônia não é nossa e é com muita tristeza que eu digo isso, mas é uma realidade e temos como explorar em parcerias essa região.[35]

Bedside book

  • "A Verdade Sufocada"
    • The full name of the book is "A Verdade Sufocada: A história que a esquerda não quer que o Brasil conheça" (English approx.: "The Truth Suppressed: The story that the left doesn't want Brazil to know"), by Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra.[36]


  • A redirectioning of Brazil with regard to its politics [is what I wish to see]. We're tired of the left. We want a Brazil that is liberal, that does business with the whole world without ideological bias, that respects the family, like the kids in the classroom, that plays hardball in the question of public security to give everyone peace, that implements policies that take Brazil out of the situation it's in, values the man of the field, plays hardball on the MST [...] this is our dream and our will initially in this battle.
    • Original: "Um redireccionamento do Brasil no tocante à sua política. Nós cansamos da esquerda. Queremos um Brasil liberal, que faça comércio com o mundo todo sem viés ideológico, que respeite a família, bem como as crianças na sala de aula, que jogue pesado na questão da segurança pública para vos exatamente proporcionar paz a todos, que vos realmente implemente políticas que tirem o Brasil desta atual situação em que se encontra, valorize o homem do campo, jogue pesado contra o MST [...] este é o nosso sonho e a nossa vontade nesta batalha inicialmente."[37]
    • Answering question on the 30th of July 2018: "What is the work and what is the achievement [for] which you would like to be remembered in history, if elected, as your mark linked to your name". (Original: "Qual é a obra e qual é a realização que o senhor gostaria de ser lembrado na história, se eleito, como uma marca sua ligada ao seu nome?") [38]

Favorite phrase or verse

  • Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
    • John 8:32, NIV used here in English[39][40]

Indigenous Brazilians

  • We can't continue to treat the indigenous like zoo animals.
    • Original: "[... N]ão podemos continuar tratando o índio como um animal no zoológico".[41]
    • While proposing a dam be built to provide energy for both indigenous and non-indigenous people.[42]

Law and order

  • A human being only respects what he fears.*
    • Original: "Um ser humano só respeita o que ele teme."[43]

Nelson Mandela

  • You need to also look at his past, it's not the picture they paint of him today.
    • Original: "Tem que ver o pasado dele também, não é isso que se pinta hoje em dia dele."[44]

Political systems



  • Obama got there how? It was merit. Article 5 of the Constitution, it wasn't revoked or altered, no [uses double negative for emphasis]. We are all equal, period.
    • Original: "Obama chegou lá como? Foi mérito. Artigo 5º da Constituição, não foi revogado nem alterado não. Todos nós somos iguais e ponto final."[45]
    • Article 5 of the Brazilian Constitution states: "All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteed to Brazilians and to foreigners the inviolability of the right to life, liberty, equality, security and property ... ".[46]


  • A drug trafficker that acts against our children on the streets needs to be placed in a pau de arara immediately.
  • We abhor torture, okay? Now, at that moment, the world, Brazil especially, was living in a quite complex climate, yeah, it was in a Cold War. Either you depended more on the United States, or more on the Soviet Union. And those people who say they were tortured, I believe something bad may have even happened to some of them, but in large part, no. It's politics, yeah, it's something they were using, to say they were tortured, so they could receive compensation, elicit pity from the people, obtain votes and power. And that story is not told very well, the question of torture, because only one side of the story is remembered, not the other. If we would have lost the war at that moment, today, with all certainty, we would have a Cuba in these 8.5 million square kilometres.
    • 30th of July 2018. Original: "Nós abominamos a tortura, tá? Agora, naquele momento, o mundo vivia, o Brasil [em] especial, um clima bastante complexo, né, estava numa Guerra Fria. Ou você dependia mais dos Estados Unidos ou mais para a União Soviética. E esse pessoal que se disse torturado, alguns eu achou até que foram, aconteceu alguma maldade com eles, mas em grande parte não. É uma política, né, é uma forma que eles usavam para dizer que eles eram torturados exatamente para conseguir indenizações, conseguir piedade da parte da populacão, conseguir votos e poder. Isso não é, essa história não está bem contada na questão da tortura, porque só se lembra dum lado da história, o outro lado não. Se nós tivéssemos perdido a guerra naquele momento, hoje com toda certeza seríamos uma Cuba aqui nesses oito milhões e meio de quilómetros quadrados."[49]

Workers' Party

  • Look, nothing.
    • Original: "Olha, nada."
    • Answering the question: "Bolsonaro, do you like anything that the Workers' Party has done?" (Portuguese: "Bolsonaro, alguma coisa que o PT fez te agrada?") [50]

Quotes about him

Ana Cristina Valle, ex-wife of his

  • Good evening. I'm Cristina Bolsonaro, ex-wife of our presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro. I come here very indignant to refute the filthy "Folha de São Paulo", where it has been published that Jair threatened me with death. Never. Father of my son, my ex-husband, he is much loved by me and by everyone. He doesn't have a temperament to be able to do such a thing. Good father, good ex-husband, he was a good husband as well. I hope that you believe that that filthy media only wants to denigrate his image, because he's in first place in the polls and will remain there, because I believe he wins in the first round and I hope that you believe that too. So here is my message: Filthy media, there is no point in doing what you're doing, nothing is going to make it so he falls. He remains standing after everything that happened and will continue and will make it to the presidency, if it's up to me. Thank you.
    • Original: "Boa noite. Sou Cristina Bolsonaro, ex-esposa do nosso presidenciável Jair Bolsonaro. Venho aqui muito indignada desmentir a suja 'Folha de São Paulo', aonde publica que o Jair me ameaçou de morte. Nunca. Pai do meu filho, meu ex-marido, ele é muito querido por mim e por todos. Ele não tem essa índole para poder fazer tal coisa. Bom pai, bom ex-marido, foi um bom marido também. Espero que vocês acreditem que essa mídia suja só quer denegrir a imagem dele, porque ele está em primeiro lugar nas pesquisas e assim vai ficar, porque eu acredito que ele ganha em primeiro turno e espero que vocês acreditem também. Então fica aqui meu recado: mídia suja, não adianta, nada vai fazer com que ele caia. Ele está em pé depois de tudo o que aconteceu e vai continuar e vai chegar à presidência, se depender de mim. Obrigada."[51]

Andrew Torba

[On the 29th of August 2018, Andrew Gabbed:]


[In this first tweet, Gab writes in Portuguese: "Can we get Bolsonaro on Gab? The communists of Twitter would lose their minds. @jairbolsonaro"]

[The conversation continued:]

[Translation: "Bolsonaro did nothing incorrect":]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

  • There's only one Donald Trump, in my opinion.
    • Responding to question by Raquel Krähenbühl of GloboNews on the 29th of October 2018: "Okay, so what do you think about these comparisons?: A lot of people are calling Bolsonaro the 'Trump of the tropics'. And if President Trump plans to invite Bolsonaro to the White House, or if he has any plans to go to Brazil anytime soon, maybe attend Bolsonaro’s inauguration?"[52][53][54][55]

"The Economist"

"The Times of Israel"

  • [O]penly pro-Israel[.][56]

Presidential campaign

On the 22nd of July 2018, Jair became the presidential nominee for the Partido Social Liberal (PSL) or Social Liberal Party.[57] His presidential campaign slogan is "Brasil acima de tudo, Deus acima de todos!"[58][59] or "Brazil above everything, God above everyone!".[57] The candidate enjoys the backing of bishop Edir Macedo, bishop Robson Rodovalho and pastor José Wellington; nearly 48 percent of evangelical voters; and the evangelical congressional group (bancada evangélica) in the Chamber of Deputies, which consists of nearly 200 of the Chamber's 513 federal deputies and endorsed him.[60] The Catholic Church's National Conference of Bishops of Brazil has decried as fake news that cardinal Sérgio da Rocha issued an anti-endorsement against a certain candidate.[61]

28th of September 2018 Datafolha poll

A 28th of September Datafolha poll showed that Jair, the first placer, had a rejection rate of 46 percent, second placer Fernando Haddad a rejection rate of 32 percent. Pollees could give more than one name when it came to rejection rate, so the rejection rate numbers didn't add up to 100 percent.[62]

2nd of October 2018 Datafolha poll

A 2nd of October 2018 Datafolha poll showed Jair had a rejection rate of 45 percent, Fernanado a rejection rate of 41 percent.[63]

4th of October 2018 Datafolha poll

On the 4th of October 2018, a Datafolha poll showed that Jair had 35 percent of the vote, Fernando 22 percent.[64] The poll shows that Jair had 35 percent of the Catholic vote, Fernando 29 percent. Fernando had 18 percent of the evangelical vote, 30 percent less than Jair.[65] A comparison of Datafolha polls showed that Fernando's rejection rate had shot up from 32 percent on the 28th of September to 41 percent by the 2nd of October.[66]

6th of October 2018 Datafolha poll

On the 6th of October 2018, a Datafolha poll showed Jair had 36 percent of the vote, Fernando 22 percent. Jair had 40 percent of valid votes, Fernando 25 percent. The rejection rate was 44 percent for Jair, 41 percent for Fernando.[67] In a hypothetical second round between Jair and Fernando, Jair was shown to have 45 percent of the vote, Fernando 43 percent.[68]

10th of October 2018 Datafolha poll

On the 10th of October 2018, a Datafolha poll showed that Jair had 58 percent of valid votes, Fernando 42 percent. 49 percent of those polled intended to vote for Jair, 36 percent for Fernando, 8 percent were going to cast a blank vote and 6 percent were undecided.[69]

Makes video supportive of gay rights

On the 14th of October 2018, Jair published a video on his YouTube channel,[70] which he also tweeted,[71] of him with a gay supporter of his, Lili Ferraz,[72] wherein Lili urged people to vote for him. Jair stated that the state shouldn't interfere in people's personal decisions.

David Duke declares support for him on radio programme

On the 9th of October 2018, David Duke declared his support for Jair during his radio programme, saying: "[N]ationalists movements, which are definitely pro-European, are definitely sweeping the world, even a country you'd never think about that. Rio de Janeiro, the country of Brazil has an openly, open candidate who's, he's totally of European descent, he looks like any white guy in America, or, for that matter, Portugal or Spain or, in fact, Germany or France or UK. And he's talking about the demographic disaster that's in Brazil and the massive crime that exists in that, for instance, the black boroughs and so forth of Rio de Janeiro. He sounds like us."[73] BBC News Brasil ran an article pointing this out on the 16th of October 2018.[74] Jair tweeted a tweet that was interpreted by the BBC as a response to David, although it didn't mention David by name:

In English, this means: "I refuse any kind of support coming from supremacist groups. I suggest that, for coherence, they support the candidate on the left, who loves to segregate society. To exploit this to influence an election in Brazil is a big blunder [English lit.: donkey-like move]! It is to not know the Brazilian people, which is miscegenated."

Matteo Salvini tweets support for him

On the 16th of October 2018, Matteo Salvini tweeted: "Even in Brasil there's change. Left defeated and new air!". Jair retweeted his tweet, saying: "Thanks for the consideration, Your Excellency, Vice Prime Minister of Italy! A strong hug here from Brazil!". Matteo then retweeted Jair's retweet.[75]

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