Jair Bolsonaro gives gays assurance about the role of the state ahead of round 2 of Brazil's presidential elections

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16th of October 2018

Brazil's frontrunner in the presidential race, federal deputy and Army Reserve captain Jair Bolsonaro, also referred to by his supporters as o capitão (English: the captain), published a gay-friendly video with Lili Ferraz on the 14th of October 2018. Here's the translation:

Lili: Folks, I'm over here today in Rio having the wonderful pleasure of knowing this beautiful figure that is Bolsonaro. Far from what they say, he is a wonderful person. Think now of me, okay? So then it's that. Bolsonaro, I'm only going to ask one thing of you: Send a hug to some of the people in my family that love you and some of my homosexual friends that aren't afraid and that adore you as well. It's very rare that a friend of mine doesn't like you.
Jair: All of us in Brazil are human beings, we're Brazilians, patriots, doers of our duties, and the option everyone has at their disposal is no one else's business but theirs, the state should not interfere in that area. Now I want to thank Lili here for the support, the commendation, the trust --
Lili: Absolutely!
Jair: We need security, employment and means by which we can all be happy.
Lili: Exactly, for sure.
Jair: So with that purpose, I send a hug to your family, to your friends, to your clients, and together let's change the destiny of Brazil. Thanks, folks.
Lili: Amen!
Jair: Amen!
Lili: It's that. Bolsonaro [number] 17!

On Instagram,[1] Lili wrote: "I was invited by a couple I am friends with to go to Rio for the purpose of meeting him [Jair] and it was a wonderful surprise for me. Every bad impression that I had definitely bit the dust today!"

With 58 percent[2] of voters already intending to vote for him, o capitão is hardly in a position where he would need to beg for votes, but maybe he's not doing this just for votes. This will probably only strengthen his position, if you ask me. In the past, he has said he has gay friends,[3] so he's being consistent, there's nothing schizophrenic about it.

What he opposes is exposing very young children to material that he refers to as the "kit gay" (English: "gay kit"),[3] which he feels exposes children to sexual ideas in the classroom that he feels they aren't ready to hear about.[4] He is not against adults making decisions when they are ready to make them, be they straight or gay.[4][3] This was a subject[3] of discussion in a meeting he had with singer Eduardo Costa (second from left), Uruguayan-born gay makeup artist and YouTuber Agustin Fernandez (centre) and lesbian YouTuber Karol Eller (rightmost) at his house in Rio on the 16th of October 2016.[5][6][7][8]

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