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Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich[1] (born ca. 1977[1]), a.k.a. Mike Enoch, is one of the three most influential People in the Alt Right, alongside Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin.[2] "Forward" claims the british Politician Enoch Powell was the Inspiration for the Name "Enoch".[3] Greg Johnson says that "In February of 2015, Mike went to the American Renaissance conference [put on by Jared Taylor] and returned calling himself a White Nationalist."[4] In 2012, Mike founded therightstuff.biz, a.k.a. "The Right Stuff", a.k.a. "TRS". According to "Forward", the "Echoes", ((())), that Alt Rightists often use around jewish Names originated on "The Right Stuff".[3] The Southern Poverty-Law-Centre and "Hill"-Editor Will Sommer say Mike is the Creator of this Meme.[5][6]


Mike's Father, who has a doctoral Degree in english Linguistics and whose Résumé includes teaching old English at the University of Pennsylvania and working at Chase Manhattan Bank,[7][1] is named Mike Peinovich, as was his Father.[1] Mike's Father is married to Billie Gleissner,[7] "who was a psychiatric social worker for many years".[1] In 2017, they were in their 70s. They moved to Montclair, New Jersey in 2001 for its Schools, having previously lived in Maplewood and Livingston. Around 2003, they bought a House on Cloverhill Place that has six Bedrooms[7] and has been described as Arts-and-Crafts-Style.[1] In September 2017, they were considering moving because of high Property-Taxes.[7] Mike has an older Sister, whose Highschool-Classmates included Zach Braff and Lauryn Hill and is now a social worker who treats traumatized children, and an adopted younger Brother,[1] who was born around 1990, "who is biracial and has learning disabilities"[7] and whose first name is Matthew[7] and Middle-Name Joshua.[1] Mike's Sister has two Children.[8] Mike's Father didn't know about his Alt-Right-Activities until around the Time he was doxed, in January 2017. One of Mike's Great-Grandfathers fled religious Persecution in Yugoslavia. He describes his Father as half norwegian, half serbian, his Mother, Paula Enockson Sippel,[9] as norwegian. In 1980, when Mike was three, Mike's Mother left his Father and moved out of State. Mike's Father married Billie in 1983.[1]


According to Mike's 23andMe, he is 99 Percent european, less than 0.1 Percent eastasian and native american, less than 0.1 Percent unassigned and has no Ashkenazi-Ancestry.[10] He says he fully expects to be accused of faking the Results by "Haters".[11]


Meets Milo Yiannopoulos

Mike says he met Milo Yiannopoulos at the One Nostalgia Bar on Abrams Road in Dallas, Texas and "was drinking with him" along with the Rest of their Group, among whom was Richard Spencer. They walked in the Bar around 1 a.m. on 3 April 2016. During the Time they were there, Milo sang "America the Beautiful". As he was singing, many in the Group Mike was with did the roman Salute.[12][13] Mike says: "[W]e were trolling him by doing it."[14]



In January 2017, Mike resigned from "The Right Stuff" and its related Podcast, "The Daily Shoah", after it came to the Knowledge of the Alt-Right-Movement through "the work of anonymous left-wing users on the Medium blog site" that his Wife was jewish[2] and that his real Name was Mike Peinovich.[15] At first he denied he was Mike Enoch and claimed to have only written "a few libertarian articles" for "The Right Stuff". Many criticised him for this initial Denial. Later that Week, he decided to withdraw his Resignation and continue being involved with "The Right Stuff" and "The Daily Shoah".[16] Greg Johnson has said Mike's Wife is jewish by way of her Father, doesn't "have a strong sense of Jewish identity and ethnocentrism", was supportive of what Mike does and works as a freelance Photographer.[4]

Loses Twitter-Account @mikeenochtrs

Mike lost the Twitter-Account @mikeenochtrs sometime between 19 April 2017[17] and 17 May 2017.[18]

Laura Loomer tweets about his Mother

On the 16th August 2017, shortly after Unite the Right, Journalist Laura Loomer tweeted this:

She later tweeted that he asked her to remove the Tweet:


Talks to Laura Loomer about her Tweet about his Mother

During a Livestream on Baked Alaska's YouTube-Channel on 22 January 2018, Mike talked with Laura Loomer about the Tweet she tweeted about his Mother on 16 August 2017 (shown above), calling it a "Doxing". He denied playing "Victim" and said she was promoting an "outrageous, ridiculous Conspiracy-Theory" "that Hillary Clinton is funding the Alt Right".[19]

Loses Twitter-Account @mikeenochsback

On 16 April 2018, Mike lost a Twitter-Account he was using, @mikeenochsback, after Michael Hayden of "Newsweek" contacted Twitter after Ann Coulter retweeted three Tweets of his that protested against Donald Trump's pending Bombing of Damascus and Homs.[20][21][22][23] According to "Newsweek", which attempted to contact Ann about the Retweets, it was unclear whether she knew "who Peinovich is or if she simply was responding to what he was saying".[21] These were the three Tweets:

Twitter @MikePeinovich opened, changed to @MikeEPeinovich, then suspended

In June 2018, someone opened the Twitter @MikePeinovich, which showed a Picture of Mike as the Profile-Photo. By the 13th of August, it had over 1700 Followers.[24] They later changed the Name to @MikeEPeinovich.[25] In November 2018, the Twitter @MikeEPeinovich was suspended.[26]

Twitter @MikePFanAccount opened

In November 2018, someone opened the Twitter @MikePFanAccount.[27]


Donald Trump

Islamic Countries

  • I think our ... Policy in the Middle-East is absolutely schizophrenic, it makes no Sense. We should be advocating for stable Regimes that will be good Trading-Partners -- in Terms of Oil-Resources -- with us. We have no Reason to get involved in their internal Politics, we have no Reason to say: "Their Regimes should be x, y or z. They should be more democratic, they should be less islamic, they should be more islamic" ... That is none of our Business.[28]

James Alex Fields jr.

John McCain

Julius Malema

Milo Yiannopoulos

  • I personally only really spoke to him briefly that Night ... it definitely didn't offend him what we were doing, because he didn't like run away. He actually laughed about it with us and then we all started chanting "Trump!".[29]
    • Talking about the Fact that many in a Group Mike was with did roman Salutes in Front of Milo Yiannopoulos at the One Nostalgia Bar in Dallas, Texas on 3 April 2017.[30]
  • He's certainly not ideologically one of us, but he's not offended by what we think or even these Kind of Trolls.[31]


White Supremacism

  • Where did you get that we're white Supremacists from?
    • Answering Reporter saying: "You Guys are white Supremacists".[32]
  • Why did you report that I was a Neonazi without getting Confirmation?
    • During an E-Mail-Exchange with patch.com[33]

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