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Marine Le Pen (5 August 1968 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France) is the Leader of the French political Party the Front national (FN), also known as the National Front in English.[3][4] Marine is the youngest of the three Daughters of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the Founder of the FN, and Marion Maré­chal-Le Pen is her Niece.[5][6] Following her Father's Loss of Party Membership in the FN, Marine has tried to change the Party's Image.[7] Marine's Mother is Pierrette Lalanne, Jean-Marie's first Wife.[8] Marine's Followers are called marinistes (Marinists) and the FN under her leadership has been called the FN mariniste (Marinist FN), while her Father's followers are called lepénistes (Le Penists) and the FN under his Leadership has been called the FN lepéniste (Le Penist FN).[9][10][11][12] Marine has said: "The burkini is a fundamentalist uniform."[4]

Brexit, Frexit, the Pound and the Franc

Marine once called Brexit "the most important moment since the fall of the Berlin Wall".[13] She stated she believed Brexit was good for Great Britain, that the subsequent Drop in the Value of the Pound had a positive Effect on Trade for Great Britain, that Great Britian would "continue to prosper". When asked about her take on the Possibility of a Frexit, Marine responded by saying: "I'm not from a European province, I'm a candidate for the Presidency of France, not a province of Europe, France, with its history, with its values." One of those Values, Marine said, is Sovereignty.[4] She said these things in an interview prior to the 2017 French presidential election.

After Marine's decisive electoral Defeat in the 2017 presidential Election,[14] Bernard Monot, the chief economic Strategist of the Front national told the "Telegraph": "There will be no Frexit. We have taken note of what the French people told us."[15] Emmanuel Macron took 66.1% of the vote, while Marine took 33.9%.[14] In addition to abandoning Frexit, Marine will also abandon her Plans to restore the Franc.[15]


Marine Le Pen holds that:

The National Front is the only party to defend an authentic French Republic, a Republic with only one vocation: the national interest, the development of French employment, the conservation of our way of life, the development of our tradition and the defence of all the French.[1]

2016 Candidates for the US Presidency

Prior to the 2016 US presidential elections, Marine issued an Endorsement for a Donald Trump Presidency and an Antiendorsement for a Hillary Clinton Presidency. She expressed her View that a Donald Trump Presidency would be in France's Interests. She also has a favorable View of Bernie Sanders.[4]


Trump Tower Visit

On 12 January 2017, Marine and her Partner Louis Aliot visited Trump Tower and had Coffee at the Ice Cream Parlor with someone she has known for 20 Years, George Lombardi, who is a Friend of Donald Trump. She attended a Party on the 11th to meet with People who would potentially "raise money for her [2017 presidential] campaign".[16][2]

Criticises French Government Response to Hurricane Irma

Marine Le Pen criticised the French Government's Response to Hurrican Irma in the French Antilles,[17] as Reports of "[l]ooting, gunshots and a lack of clean drinking water" come in from Saint Martin.[18] French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe replied that "it is preferable to work than to polemicise".[19]


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